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L & K Design and Production is honored to be one of the most reputable vendors in Hong Kong for the Barrier Free Access products.

Our desire is to deliver a high standard of quality, aesthetically pleasing and versatile Braille products to our local and international customers. All products are made to meet with all the criteria of the BFA Design Manual [edited by The Buildings Department]. We took the guidelines one step further by incorporating the requirements of the Architects and Designers and to produce them with a piece of 'Artsy' product at a reasonable and affordable price.

For more than two decades of our working experience in this particular field of design and manufacturing work of Braille Information Handrail Plate, Braille Location Map, Braille Signage Plate, Tactile Guide Path and its related products for the blind, impaired vision and public users, we have managed to build up a vast number of Clientele by word of mouth over the years.

Thanks to the trust and continuous support of our respected Clients [reference], we are an official registered vendor/contractor for Architectural Services Department, The Hong Kong Society For The Blind, MTR Corporation Limited and NWS Transport Services Limited (New World First Bus & Citybus).

Anticipating to have you as one of our Clients and let us be your best partner . Please take action NOW to contact us for more information.

L & K - "Where Perfection Prevails"


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